Late game open thread: Wait has Mike Singletary ever won anything as a coach?

Um, is there anyone who HASN’T seen Rex Ryan sweat? I’m pretty sure the Jets’ Thanksgiving turkey will be served with oyster stuffing and Rex’s sweat gravy.

Earlier this week a reader emailed us about a series of motivational speeches by current and former football coaches currently being hawked on the NFL Network. I immediately wondered who exactly could benefit from using this product (“YEEEEARGH, NOW LET’s GET OUT THERE AND SELL SOME FREAKING KIAS”) and, more importantly, how I could best stretch it into a KSK post. Then I stumbled upon the latest gift from the rapidly-becoming-ubiquitous DJ Steve Porter:

All Rex wants is everything you’ve got, starting with your Ring Dings.

Good luck getting Sean Payton’s screech out of your head this afternoon. Today’s late games:

KC @ DEN **
DAL @ NYG **
STL @ SF *

[ thx to Sergio for the tip; video via Pigskinlovinglady ]

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