Late game open thread:Teams that miss the playoffs don’t deserve pretty cakes

12.05.10 7 years ago 233 Comments

Superfluous neon green arrow appears courtesy of Sports By Brooks.

This cake was not made by mental patient or four-year-old. Rather, according to dessert disaster porn site Cake Wrecks, it was made by a professional cake maker for what was surely a deeply disappointed Broncos fan. I can only hope they were wearing a Tim Tebow jersey when they picked it up. SOMEBODY GAVE THAT CAKE THE SUPERAIDS!!!

Having just lost his job, Wade Phillips didn’t have much of an appetite. Plus, the catering staff had already taken away all the plates and cutlery. But he couldn’t let such a lovely retirement cake to go to waste, so he just dug in with his hands. What were they going to do– fire him?

The late games, most of America is getting stuck with Dallas-Indy, while a perfectly good Falcons-Buccaneers match-up is just going to waste. Bummer, dude.

OAK @ SD **
ATL @ TB ****
DAL @ IND **

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