Latest Thing Johnny Manziel Criticizied For: Taking The Middle Seat on a Flight

05.28.14 4 years ago 32 Comments

Members of the national media (as well as Brady Quinn!) teed off on Johnny Manziel for his Memorial Day weekend in Las Vega, because that meant his nose was away from the grindstone for just a second to actually enjoy his life on a weekend when everyone else is doing just that. The nerve! What happened to work ethic in these glory boy athletes?

Some of that criticism was defused when it was discovered that Manziel took his playbook with him on the trip. Nevertheless, fat, lazy media trolls will always find something to knock Johnny Football for, because that’s something that moves the needle at the moment. And so, even when Manziel takes the middle seat on his flight back to Cleveland, he’s knocked by noted shitheel Michael Wilbon as an “embarrassment” to Cleveland, as if such a thing were even possible.


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