Lead The League In Wins Vs. Lead The League In Kills

09.13.10 7 years ago 29 Comments

The two most hyped teams that aren’t the Packers coming into this season now face off with… I’d say bragging rights on the line, but both of these teams talk massive loads of shit whether they’re actually winning or not. So let’s just say they’re playing to vindicate all the talk we’ve heard about them the last few months.

The Jets, of course, found themselves embroiled in a few scandals this week, one involving an illicit West Coast training exercise that an anonymous team (DEFINITELY NOT THE PATRIOTS) reported to the league and the another in which a TV Azteca reporter said she was sexually harassed by Jets players when she visited a team practice over the weekend. Normally, that might be something to be condemned, but the New York Post said it was all really quite sexy.

And I don’t really have a neat way to segue into this, but reader Adam sent us this nice Suggs bleaching Photoshop and I’d probably be remiss not to include it.

The late game tonight pits the Chiefs against Marmalard and his new non-LaToeInjury running back. It seems like the Chargers play in the late Monday night game on opening week every year, but upon further review it’s only been the last two seasons. Another joke my feeble mind is playing on me. The live blog crew will presumably be covering that one as well, provided they don’t get black out drunk first, naturally.

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