“Let’s Make The NFL Draft Go For The Entire Off-season!”

05.06.14 4 years ago 36 Comments

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The recent proposal to expand our annual player draft to four days from three was met with passionate response, the sort of conversation that reminds us that our fans are as engaged and connected as they’ve ever been. I’ve listened to the feedback and the concerns and have come up with a solution that best meets the demand for the NFL product and the realities of how our teams function.

And that solution is to make the NFL Draft encompass the entire NFL off-season. Eight whole months of draft. You’ve heard of welcome to prime time. But what if prime time was ALL THE TIME?

Allow me to explain: Under my plan, one pick would be made each day of the off-season. That’s right, the very day after the Super Bowl, the first pick of the draft will be made. Then the second pick the next day. And so on. The result is that teams will not feel rushed to make a pick and our fans will have a daily reminder that NFL news is being made. Oh, and the analysis there will be. No longer will we breeze through picks. There will be hours and hours of coverage each day on the pick that was made and the one that is coming. Only on Schedule Release Day will we take a day break, because that much football news might otherwise overwhelm some of our followers. The excitement of the draft would take up the entire off-season and then some.

As some of you have already figured out, there are more picks in the draft than there are days in the off-season. So how will this work? Simple, the final round of the draft will actually continue into the following season. That way, teams could alter their strategy as the season continues. Say a cornerback suffered a season-ending injury in Week 1, then the team could fill the open roster spot with their seventh round pick.

And what of the combine? It will go on as currently scheduled. What of the teams that will have already drafted players by that point? Good news: they’re get to see what spoils they’ve reaped while other teams will still have to wait and salivate over those fantastic prospects. Any objections there will be from coaches and general managers will surely be disregarded when they see the good this does for the game.

Am I a genius for thinking of such clear-headed innovations. No, I’m no genius. I merely majored in leadership in college.

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