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07.20.07 11 years ago 16 Comments


The Season is going to start soon, which means that some of the fun tangential stuff we’ve been doing lately will have to take a back seat to talking about the actual games. But that’s cool, because right now there ain’t shit on TV and I’m getting annoyed with having to read about baseball all the time. Damn, do they have to play a baseball season EVERY YEAR? That game is tired, man. If they can stop making 8-tracks, they can give up this stick-and-ball shit. Am I right?

Naw, I’m just playin’, I love baseball [Note: I do not love baseball. -MMP].

Before we officially wrap up the week, here are some dates to tattoo on your forehead in reverse, you know, so you can read them when you look into a mirror:

July 24: Steelers open camp (the first NFL team to do so)
August 5: Hall Of Fame Game (New Orleans vs. Pittsburgh @ Canton, OH)
August 14: Madden NFL 08 hits stores
September 6: NFL Season Kickoff (New Orleans @ Indianapolis)

And that will do it for us. Here’s Quinn during the 2007 Patriots’ Calendar photo shoot. Sorry Quinn, but I bought another calendar last night. But I thought of you the whole time, I swear.

See you Monday. Why don’t you go outside or something.

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