LSUfreek presents: Manning family ring comparison

08.20.08 9 years ago 15 Comments

About once a month, usually after payday, LSUfreek gets tired of being smacked around by a drunken Orson Swindle and runs away for a few days– crashing wherever he can find a spare bed. Well, today LSUfreek is back at KSK and we are glad to have him.

Look freek, next time Orson lays that “Baby, I’m so sorry. Baby, I’m a changed man. I mean it this time” rap on you, tell him you’re gone for good and you won’t see him anymore. Who are we kidding? We would be a fool for him too– if he would have us, sigh…

Peyton: “I keep mine in a crystal case when I go to bed.”

Eli: “I keep mine on my finger, even during practice.”

Archie: “I keep mine in a dark place, and she never sleeps.”

(Peyton & Eli’s cell phones ring…)

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