Man Discovers Through Twitter That Darren Sproles Found Out He Is Going To Be Traded Via Twitter

03.12.14 4 years ago 26 Comments


Albert Campbell, 29, was spending a Tuesday afternoon scrolling through Twitter when he made a shocking discovery.

Amid the tweets that filled his feed was a link to a sports aggregation site with a teasing headline, “NFL player finds out he’s going to be traded through Twitter.

“Is that right?” Campbell said while clicking.

Campbell visited the post, the only purpose of which was supplying a quick answer to the leading headline in the tweet. It turns out the player is Saints running back Darren Sproles.

“Sucks for Sproles,” Campbell said. “I mean, it’s not an irregular thing. Every year there are a bunch of stories about how an NFL player finds out they are being traded or released or suspended through Twitter. It’s almost as though team executives and the league office don’t care about keeping players informed about these things.”

Campbell then resumed using Twitter, from which he learned other interesting facts and breaking news stories because Twitter is a site that people – even famous ones! – use to consume media.

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