UPDATED: Matt Vasgersian should probably stop talking for a little while.

04.28.09 9 years ago 89 Comments

Normally we’ve got no problem with Matt Vasgersian. In fact, I would go as far as to say he is a friend of the site. But this idiocy cannot go without mention. First of all, the whole “this black person looks like a well-known black person” is kind of played out— if it was ever funny to begin with. Secondly, in comedy, timing is pretty important; and Matt’s timing here kind of sucks.

Lastly, I know this appears to be a clip from a “Base Ball” contest, but bear with us. There’s a regrettable football connection before it’s over– followed by uncomfortable silence and then some forced laughter.

UPDATE: From the comments, Matt Vasgersian speaks in his defense: “I am an idiot .. Save the racial stuff which is just flat out wrong, almost all of what has been posted on my regrettably horrific timing is spot on .. It was a bad decision made on live tv and i can absolutely understand how that make an announcer sound insensitive. Bad on the spot judgment. Nobody feels worse about it than I do guys.”

Good enough for us. We will give you a pass on this one, Matt. Just watch out for queasy Philly QBs and pissed-off Denver EMTs who aren’t as forgiving.

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