Meast and Least: Week 10

11.17.11 6 years ago 41 Comments

The KSK Gay Mafia had a lively discussion about this week’s Meast and Least. After a heated debate, the Meast this week is Larry Fitzgerald, who caught seven passes for 146 yards and two touchdowns. Particularly measty was Fitty’s final catch, a clutch, over-the-shoulder, diving grab that set up the game’s winning score — and would have been his third TD had Jaiquawn Jarrett not managed a lucky swipe of his calf just before he slid into the end zone.

But there were plenty of other candidates: previous 2011 Measts Aaron Rodgers and Tony Romo both had brilliantgames at quarterback, and the Texans offensive line once again paved the way for Arian Foster and Ben Tate to steamroll another defense. Drew suggested that Jared Allen should get some consideration, so we made a new award for him: Best Celebration While His Team Trails by Four Touchdowns. Flubby went full homer in support of Michael Bush. His series of emails in our discussion:

Meast is Michael Bush.
Bush had 242 yards from scrimmage.
242 yards, the most for the S&B since Saint Bo.
Bush had 100 more yards than Fitzgerald. Plus he plays for a first place team.

In my eyes, that argument seals it for Fitzgerald.

And now, your Jeff George Memorial Least of the Week:

Mike Smith! Now, honestly, I liked Smith’s decision to go for it on 4th-and-inches from Atlanta’s 30 in overtime. That’s ballsy. What’s Leasty is the complete lack of imagination in his play call: a packed jumbo formation that telegraphed a run up the middle. Why not a quick count and quarterback sneak? Or play-action and a rollout? QUICK, SOMEONE MAKE ME AN NFL COACH I’M SMARTER THAN LIFELONG PROFESSIONALS.

Other nominees for Least include the Ravens’ David Reed, who fumbled two kickoffs in the red zone that led to Seattle scores and got hit with a 15-yard penalty before getting benched, and the Cleveland long-snapper. But nobody felt like looking up his name, so Mike Smith it is!

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