Meast and Least of the Conference Championships

01.20.14 4 years ago 57 Comments

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The Sean Taylor Memorial Meast of Conference Championship Sunday is Richard Sherman. If Michael Crabtree is to be believed, he only made one play the entire game on Sunday. Even if that were true, that play was a deflection to set up an interception that send his team to the Super Bowl. The amazing postgame interview with Erin Andrews just put him over the top.

Also considered: Peyton Manning, Aldon Smith, Kam Chancellor, Demaryius Thomas, Terrance Knighton

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The Jeff George Memorial Least of Conference Championship Sunday is Colin Kaepernick, who turned the ball over three times in the second half of the NFC Championship, including two killer interceptions late in the fourth quarter. The Niners defense, to their credit, kept bailing his ass out and giving him another chance to win the game, only for Kaep to give it right back up. It’s a shame, as Kaep had one of the more impressive touchdown throws of the season earlier in the second half. But then he had to go screw it up, and now fusty old sportswriters get to pin it on tattoos and backward hats.

Also considered: Tom Brady, Jamie Collins, Alfonzo Dennard, FOX (for not showing a replay of that possible fumble in the second quarter yet showing the Bowman injury 8 million times)

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