Meast and Least of Super Bowl XLVIII

02.03.14 4 years ago 82 Comments


The Sean Taylor Memorial Meast of Super Bowl XLVIII is Joe Namath’s coat! Damn, that game sucked. Even if it was a Measty performance overall by the Seahawks, the domination was so thorough, it’s hard to pick out just one especially measty performer. Kam Chancellor should have won Super Bowl MVP over Malcolm Smith, but I suppose the NFL was interested in having another random defender win the award so the Raiders have someone to overpay in free agency. That’s always nice. Too bad he doesn’t hit the market this off-season. Oh, the bloated contract he’d get!

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The Jeff George Memorial Least of Super Bowl XLVIII is Peyton Manning. It’s tempting to give the Least to the game itself, but as my mom used to tell me, any time you have a chance to give Peyton Manning the Least award at a Super Bowl, you do it. Defenders of Pey-Pey will be quick to note that the Broncos terrible outing isn’t all on Pey-Pey (he set a Super Bowl record for completions! all of them for four yards!), and that isn’t totally wrong. But it was a piss-poor finale by a quarterback who we were frequently told had the greatest season in the history of the sport. Yet the ending was so gloriously Pey-Pey.

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