Meet “Real Fan Dan”- a true life Dancin’ Homer Ravens fan

12.28.14 3 years ago 9 Comments

Via @MattMGardner Id like to introduce you to “Real Fan Dan” the ultmate NFL Raven fan. Yeah this videos over a year old but you can learn alot by going back and reviewing old film unless I guess your leading the Warren Commisson.

Real Fan Dan is the self apointed ruler of his section and he has everyone in the upperdeck eating out of the palm of the top of his stomach. The only suprise here is that this many people from Baltimore can spell a five letter word besides “heroin” folks no offense.

The effect that superfans have on games cannot be understated. The Jets have sucked since Fireman Ed left, and the Redskins havent won a superbowl since fans would actualy go in redface by using painting there faces insteadve just being really embarrassed to be seen there. The way that the Ravens have been playing recentley also makes you have to wonder if Dan is maybe on house arrest or staying home to fake a workers’ comp claim or somthing, because there second half slump is more likley to spell “early vacation” than R-a-v-e-n-s.

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