Merrill Hoge Should Probably Not Be an NFL GM

09.14.06 11 years ago 12 Comments

So, okay. The draft was several months ago, but some things take a while to rise up the YouTube ladder of awareness.

Disclaimer: I try not to bash ESPN, because — unlike most sports bloggers who criticize the Worldwide Leader — I would happily and unabashedly leave the truthy puddle of excrement that is the blogosphere to live in the glossy realm of bullshit that is Bristol, Connecticutt. Life would be grand: I could completely mail in my columns, wear nice suits on TV, and grope interns ’til my heart’s content. Beats the hell out of scraping together loose change to buy a bottle of Thunderbird for inspiration.

However — correction: HOWEVA — I’m afraid I’m just not fucking stupid enough to get a job offer.

Man, where’s Tom Jackson when you need him?

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