Dolphins Unveil New Jerseys On Instagram, But Accidentally Post Crotch Shots

07.29.15 2 years ago 37 Comments

dolphins crotch shot

Poor NFL social-media people. One of them tries to do something clever, like unveil the 50th anniversary throwback jerseys that their team — in this case the Miami Dolphins — will wear during a regular season game in December. They post them in such an order that if someone were to visit the account’s page, all the pictures meld together into one huge collage.

There’s just one problem: Most people don’t use Instagram that way. So, when the pictures appear in a user’s feed, they have to scroll past an image that is mostly composed of a football player’s crotch.

And that means the internet is going to make fun of them, all because someone tried to do something fun, but forgot to account for how dirty everyone’s mind is. It’s an important lesson for next time.

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