Michael Sam Gets Cut, Tony Dungy Masturbates Furiously

08.30.14 3 years ago 84 Comments



Hey, the beginning of the actual football season wasn’t enough to generate news. Good thing the Rams cut what would be the first openly gay player to be on a final NFL roster in their last round of roster cuts. Michael Sam led the team in sacks in the preseason, which is nice and will surely be a much-cited stat in the coming days, even if it really doesn’t mean all that much as to whether or not he should make the team.

It seems as though some team should want to pick him up for their final roster. It’s said that he might have a place on the practice squad. Really, it’s all unclear as of right now and that makes for an even more devastating shitstorm to come.

Finally, ESPN reports, the Rams can shower in peace.

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