Naked Nacho Dance Party

06.26.13 4 years ago 17 Comments

When I hear of there being a “Jets West” training camp, this is more or less what I assume it to be: head-band wearing Mark Sanchez doing a no-pants dance with a couple of ladies in a house in California. The default troll media stance on something like this is to shame Sanchez for not spending every waking moment trying to save his doomed position as starting quarterback, but I applaud Nacho for living it up in his waning days in the limelight. What’s more, it’s worth repeating that his salary is still guaranteed for this coming season, so he can keep his women supplied with e-cigarettes and Skinny Girl vodka for the foreseeable future without having to do any actual work.

[video via, in case the watermark didn’t give it away]

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