The Namath-Kolber 10th Anniversary Contest

11.26.13 4 years ago 95 Comments


December 20th marks the 10th anniversary of the famous sideline encounter between Joe Namath and Suzy Kolber that delighted the world and served as namesake for this here site. By now, you’ve undoubtedly seen the clip many times over. But it might have been a while, so take a minute to reacquaint yourself with an old friend:

Still hilariously strugg-ga-ling after all these years.

As keepers of the flame for the Matron and Patron Saint, we consider it our solemn duty to celebrate this nice round-numbered anniversary of the episode that both people involved would rather forget but we never will.

Therefore KSK invites readers to come up with a tribute to the Namath-Kolber incident and submit it to us. Perhaps a video enactment? A song? A painting? Any crazy, creative shit that you wanna do that relates to what happened on the sideline between Suzy and Broadway Joe works for us, so long as it’s funny. We’ll even settle for memorably disturbing.

What’s in it for you? Beyond the incomparable sense of pride knowing that you appropriately paid tribute to a drunk old man hitting on a woman trying to do her job, we’ll give you $100 plus a copy of Madden 25 for PS4 or XBox One (your preference). Deadline is Dec. 18. Send entries to Get to it.

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