Nate Burleson The Latest Victim Of Killer Pizza


Fresh off his first 100-yard game of the season and best offensive output in six years, Lions receiver Nate Burleson will now miss an extended period of time – possibly the rest of the season – this because he broke his arm in a car crash that happened when he reached for pizza that was about to fall off his front seat.

The incident happened on westbound I-696 near Drake in Farmington Hills, police said, when Burleson was “trying to catch an object that was falling off his seat.”

He reached down to pick up the object later described as pizza and hit the median wall, Lt. Michael Shaw said.

“Object later described as pizza” is one my favorite stilted journalism phrases, by the way.

The Free Press’ Dave Birkett Tweeted Burleson broken his arm in two places, and will undergo surgery. Birkett also reported that Burleson was driving home after watching Monday Night Football with his teammates.

Alcohol was not ruled to be a factor in the crash, and why need it be? Killer pizza doesn’t need any help from impairing substances to wreak havoc.

My favorite part of this story – former Lions players coming forward to say the same thing has happened to them:

Former Detroit Lion Ron Rice also is sympathetic — telling WWJ’s Pat Sweeting he once did the exact same thing.

“That’s a true story, it actually happened to me,” said Rice. “I was reaching for pizza and I actually hit a telephone pole a few years back. So, of course we wish Nate the best in his recovery, but also the organization the best as well, in terms of filling the void.”

Pizza – the greatest menace of the Detroit Lions since Matt Millen.

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