Ndamukong Suh Did The Dive Thing

03.27.13 4 years ago 12 Comments

TV made Suh bleed his own blood! TV gonna pay!

Ndamukong Suh made his appearance on ABC’s celebrity diving sh*tshow, “Splash”, and was quickly eliminated after one episode of the competition. Looks like “Dancing With The Stars” is the only stupid reality show to be dominated by NFL players. Suh was shown bleeding in footage of a training dive where he hit his head on the bottom of the pool. Head injuries in celebrity diving shows! Time for Goodell to legislate it out of the sport.

Suh deserves credit for at least attempting a moderately difficult dive. The default big fat guy move is the cannonball. Even it’s a crowd-pleaser, the degree of difficulty isn’t the highest.

Anyway, here’s a GIF of Suh’s dive if you very understandably didn’t bother with this show. Suh went a second time, but he attempted the same dive, performing it only marginally better.

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