Never Fear, The NFL Has Ugly Bags That You Can Bring To Games

07.16.13 4 years ago 23 Comments


To the frustration of many, the NFL this off-season imposed restrictions on what types of bags that fans can bring inside stadiums beginning this coming season. While this renders the bags that most fans own as useless, don’t worry your pretty little head because the NFL is only too happy to sell you its own bags that are in compliance with the new rules.

That’s right, the NFL is selling two types of allowable bags made from clear PVC fabric. Fans can get a regular reusable bag for $10 or a tote bag with one of them fancy zippers for $12. Either way, the look says, “HEY THERE, SECURITY, I’M A POTENTIAL CRIMINAL, HERE IS EVERYTHING I AM CARRYING ON MY PERSON. SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING.”

But, hey, at least they are team logo branded so goooooo team and gooooooo safety.

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