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04.23.13 5 years ago 50 Comments

The Jaguars got new uniforms that Shahid Khan went as far as to describe as “awe-inspiring“. I would counsel going easy on the hyperbole. That said, the two-toned matte helmets are kind of nice, but the jerseys are just godawful. And where’s the visual nod to the Baguars? Some real misfires, guys.

Meanwhile, the Vikings and the Dolphins also unveiled their new uniforms, with Minnesota making the most stylistic gains by trading in their ugly Arena League duds for a more classical look.

— EA Games has been ordered to pay out three times what it was originally supposed to, according to a settlement from a class-action lawsuit filed against the company for anti-competitive conduct. You best believe I signed up to get some money. Damn straight I’ve been wronged by my inability to buy new editions of NFL2K games.

— Tony Siragusa is the latest football figure to hawk adult diapers for men. Possibly because we’d all shit ourselves if he ever said anything coherent.

— A 23-year-old openly gay former college kicker wants to try out for the NFL. If he makes a roster, will that cheat the four closeted gay players of their splashy and historical outing ceremony? Eh, probably. Their fault for waiting so long.

— Rob Gronkowski and Stevan Ridley visited victims of the Boston Marathon bombings at the hospital. Let the chorus of CLASSY ring throughout the land!

— D.J. Fluker tweeted an admission of taking money while he was at Alabama. Didn’t take long for Fluker’s agent to claim his client’s account was hacked. Oh, like anyone in the NFL gives a shit. That totally stopped Cam Newton from going first overall a few years back.

— Jarvis Jones is the latest draft prospect to be made into a creepy food person by Subway. His is made of chicken salad. OH! That sounds bad. Clownfraud foodstuff! I bet that made him fall down some idiot team’s draft board.

— Jim Nantz was apparently ready to jump out of the broadcast booth during the blackout at the Super Bowl. The reason given was that he was wanted to help sideline reporters assess the situation, but knowing Nantz, it’s because he feared looters would hit the booth first and wanted to vacate ASAP.

— Jeremy Shockey would like to die while making love because, he says, sex is the best high there is. I would question his authority on the matter but he did used to get with Vida Guerra.

— Quick reminder that the KSK live blog will return Thursday evening for the first round of the draft. We’ll have open threads for the rest of the hot name-calling (the less fun type of name calling) action on Friday and Saturday.

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