The NFC Championship Trash Talk Has Gotten So Bad That Public Transit Systems Are Getting Into It


The heated rivalry between the 49ers and Seahawks has its biggest moment yet this Sunday when the teams meet in the NFC Championship. All year, fans have engaging in various pranks to get on the nerves of their rival, including Seahawks fans raising money to buy a brick at the fanwalk at the 49ers’ new stadium and 49ers fans putting money toward a billboard taunting Seahawks fans (even if it ended up being located in the middle of nowhere).

With a trip to the Super Bowl on the line, hate is running as high as ever. Even public transit systems are giving into trash talking, or at least the people who run the social media accounts for them. Today, the Twitter accounts for Caltrain and Sound Transit have been trading barbs about the upcoming game.


Ultimately, they agreed on a bet stating that the communications director of the transit service of the losing city would have to wear the merch of the winning team. Pretty tame as far as game wagers go, but I suppose making the loser paint all the trains the color of the winning team would have been prohibitively expensive.


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