NFL Buys Two More Tickets to the Gun Show, Hires Shawn Hochuli

05.22.14 4 years ago 25 Comments

Shawn Hochuli With MP(Via @Mike Pereira)

Among the 12 new officials named to the NFL today, a familiar name appears on the list; Hochuli. Shawn Hochuli, son of everyone’s favorite epistolean, Ed Hochuli. As you may recall, earlier this year the Lord Latte himself spilled the beans on this particular hire, but now that it’s official we have an excuse to run this photo of him flexing. Look? Like father, like son, like former official who now confuses the general populace during Fox Broadcasts.

Also in the category of nepotism, the league named Brad Freeman as a field judge, son of back judge Steve Freeman to the list of 12.

Looking at the list of advanced participants in the Officiating Development Program, these are officials who have a shot of someday being yelled at by millions of people sitting on the sofas and farting, there are two women making the cut. Sarah Thomas returns for her second year and Maia Chaka makes her debut as head linesman. (Linesperson now, I guess. Head linesruler? That sounds better.) Both will work during preseason games this season.

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