NFL Coaching Carousel Continues To Spin: Marrone to Bills, Kelly Still In Meetings

01.06.13 5 years ago 5 Comments

Syracuse coach Doug Marrone has agreed to leave the Orangemen to become the next head coach the the Buffalo Bills according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter. Marrone is credited with turning around an abysmal Syracuse squad over the past four years into co-Big East Champions and important enough to be lured into joining the ACC for the 2013 season. For Marrone, it’s a chance to return to the NFL — he was last with the New Orleans Saints as the offensive coordinator from 2006-2008 — while maintaining his love of upstate New York winters.

Meanwhile, the supposedly done deal of Oregon’s Chip Kelly to the Browns seems to have hit an Eagle-sized snag as Kelly blew-off a contract negotiation meeting with the Browns Saturday night to continue his discussions with Philadelphia. Jason Cole of Yahoo reports that the Browns have decided to return to Cleveland without meeting with Kelly again. Meanwhile, Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network reports that Oregon super-booster Phil Knight has been pushing for Kelly to return to the Ducks, which would also mean Kelly would be dealing with an NCAA recruiting violation scandal that has been brewing for the past couple of years. (Long story short: You can can pay people to scout for you and send you recruits, but these people you pay to scout for you shouldn’t push for kids to sign with your program. Oregon denies such recruiting violations took place.) This wouldn’t be the first time Kelly teased a team before running back to the Pacific Northwest, as he went through the same dance last season with Tampa before deciding to stay with the college ranks.

Philadelphia has a solid core of receivers to offer a fast-pass happy Kelly, so it is easy to see why he would be interested in the job. But as college football expert Ramzy Nasrallah so aptly put it yesterday:

Indeed. They probably don’t even recycle their batteries in Philly.

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