NFL Draft 2012 Report Card: Winners And Losers

04.30.12 5 years ago 18 Comments

Did you guys hear? The draft was this weekend! It was such a momentous occasion that I pored over the results and graded every team wrote a SEO-friendly headline to post some draft videos. Up above you’ll see Dan Rubenstein and me goofing off courtesy of SB Nation — highlights include some fan F-bombs and me asking Andrew Luck if he’d been studying the Wikipedia entry for “Indianapolis.” (Christmas Ape was at the draft as well, and it was my original goal for the two of us two sit in the mezzanine together and make fun of the draft a la Statler and Waldorf, but he had the live-blog to attend to. A pity.)

If you’re still craving more video of deranged fans from the draft, embedded below are the adventures of Nick Stevens, aka Fitzy the Boston stereotype. It’s a bit long, but your patience will be rewarded with a Steelers fan who does a remarkable Joe Pesci impression. Also, there’s lots of swearing. Yay!

So that’s the draft. In a nutshell: you shouldn’t go, and we shouldn’t give it so much attention. Sorry!

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