BREAKING: NFL Staging False Flag Fan Incidents To Enact Fun-Control Policies

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Im writing this from a undisclosed location (a libary) because I literally fear for my well-being but I know that its my duty to bring this information to light for all my readers. The NFL Security Industrial Complex has been engineering false flag fan incidents in order to take our funs and rights as fans to get bombed and slide down 300 level railings and intentionaly vomit on tweens.

This goes deep folks and Im honestly a little bit afraid. As American fans of the NFL we have certain rights that most never be infringed upon. Just because some casual fan doesnt like my right to not wash my hands after using the facilitys and handling raw pork during a tailgate doesnt give him the right to pass draconian laws limiting my drunken beahvor like a NFL stadium is communist Russia or a interstate highway. For those of you not familiar with a “false flag” its when a world government or popular sports league stages a attack and blames it on a opposition minority (no offense) in order to change a policy or make fans have less fun.

Commissioner Roger Goodell, God bless him, is doing as good a job as he can but his poll numbers are just South of Obama folks. You can always tell a false flags coming whenever the person in charge isn’t popular. Some famous recent false flag operations include 9/11, the Hurricane Katrina, and slavery.

Perhaps worse then all three of these put together is the leagues recent attempt to dominate its own fans through NFL operatives and crisis actors dressed up as common fans and doing things like throwing themselfs over railings in drunken stupors. Nice try Goodell. Itd almost be funny if it werent so terrifying the lengths the government or NFL will go to to accuse its biggest patriot’s and athletic supporters. Lets take a look at the evidents:

Case Study Number 1: The Buffalo “Slider”

So let me guess this straight,, the camera just HAPPENED to be zoomed in on this one particular section of the stadium during this one particular point in the game? Watch how he disapears behind the overhang as the “fan” tumbles off, if we’re suppose to believe that hes in free fall at this point why come it almost seems like he lingers in mid-air before reappearing on the other side. Its obvious whats happeneing here- there is a ledge on the overhang with a gym mat, and the NFL Operative simply throws himself over the edge onto a nice soft landing and then throws a dummy over the railing. Look at the guy now that hes in free fall. I dont know about you but when I accidentally fall off a ledge because Im drunk as shit and trying to slide down it- I go full on panic in midair folks. I dont go all ragdoll on you like Michelle Tafoya on her anniversary. As if this wasnt painfully obviously a fake allready here’s what happens next:

The “EMTs” show up (not even going to get into how fake it is that theres a chick who’s a EMT,, I dont have time to debunk everything folks) and they wheel the guy away. Now pay close attention here- the fan STILL HAS HIS HAT ON. Were suppose to believe that this guy fell 3 storys, doesn’t have a scratch on him, and STILL KEPT HIS HAT ON THROUGHOUT THE FALL.

Case Study #2: The Oakland Raiders Suicide Girl and the Marine “Hero”:


Just this passed week there was some chick out in Oakland that tried to kill herself by jumping of the third story of the Oakland Collesium. Well I thought it was supercool that a nother fan threw himself underneath her and saved her life but then I started thinking about it. The league is trying to paint us all like maniacs who will kill ourselves if our team loses when in reality we’re much more likely to kill someone else or like a pet or our wives. This smells to high heaven like a nother false flag- they had a Marine who just happen to be there and just happen to be a Marine and  just happen to catch the girl and save her life. Its just all a little too convenient. And Oakland of all places is the last spot where anyone would try to SAVE someones life,, theyd have airbrushed tshirts with her face on it printing before she made it past the second story no offense.  It just doesnt add up.

Case Study #3: Whatever happened at Arrowhead yesterday:

Police are investigating a homicide at Arrowhead Stadium parking lot yesterday but there story keeps changing. First they weren’t releasing information, then they changed there minds and started releasing information- I mean come on. First people were saying that it was probably a fight, and now all of a sudden the Media is changing there minds. Now they’re saying that it was a fan who broke into a car and then the cars owner found him and killed him. Next thing you know there will be NFL security agents roaming the parking lot trying to make sure us rowdy fans arent stealing our neighbors booze and cellphones from there car- a tradition among resourcful NFL fans for years. When will the encroachments on my freedoms stop?

There are many other examples of “fans” getting drunk and stabbing each other or falling off railings or down stairs or getting too drunk to eat popcorn and stuff but its all clearly fake. Educate yourself.

Now why would the league want to fake these incidence?

Well the liberal media has been telling you for the passed two years that its time for Fun Control at NFL games. Fans are excercising there liberties too openly, and inncocent people who don’t have any Fun are getting hurt by us Fun enthusiasts. But its so obviously fake, REAL Fun nuts would never dream of ever putting anyone in actual danger, real fans have better body control when it comes to sliding down railings then to fall over= to me Fun control means using both hands– this guy was either a amateur or a bad sports fan, and the only thing that can stop a bad sports fan is a good sports fan.

The first thing you have to look for in a false flag is a papertrail. Earlier this year Goodell started putting word out through his mouthpieces like Homeland Defense czar Mike Florio that the NFL was targeting its most die hard fans and veterans of many League years when it comes to monitoring fan behavior. They were implanting a false thought. Now Im told that the “Buffalo Slider” is going to be subject to background checks and wont be allowed to attend Bills games anymore and Im suppose to just sit here and take it? Im sorry but thats a more dangerous slippery slope then the one he fell off folks. As Ben Franklin use to say, “Someone whose willing to sacrifice safety for security deserves neither” and if you disagree with Ben Franklin who was literally a God and his word should be treated as scientific truths, well then you can move to Canada and deal with socialist hockey fans and never have a Christmas tree- tell me how that treats you.

Why are we being targeted?


Commissioner Goodell is terrified of his poll numbers, and he can see a grassroots uprising in all the main forumns- NFL news Comment sections. Every other comment is “This leagues to soft.” Or “Enough with the powderpuff!” He knows that he’s already lost the real fans, and the only way he can survive is if he caters to the wine and cheese crowd by trying to enact unconstitutional Fun control. Theres a certain population of NFL fans that would be happy to see guys like me go the way of the Emu, the kind that read there program and dont go full-bananas when the “MAKE SOME NOIZZZEEEE” graphic comes on in the stadium. Those are the folks that want to see my type folks out of the picture. So now Goodells staging all these obvious fan behavior issues so that he can enact sweeping change and kick us all out of are own league.

How do we combat this disinformation being spread?



Through educateing your friends, neighbors, kids teachers, cab drivers, parole officers, we need to wake them all up. The other way (and lets hope its doesn’t come to this) is through active resistence and by actually doing some of the things that there saying that we’re doing. The only way to show them that we’re not capable of doing some of these things is to go out and do them and even maybe do worse things since they won’t stop accusing us of doing them. That will solve the problem.

This is a classic civil disobedience right out of the playbooks of Abe Lincoln and Martin Luther King, II (R- Alabama). But if they DO keep doing the false flags then we need to go out there and resist and have even more fun and do even more dangerous things. If they dont knock it off painting us as bloodthirsty savages (no offense to the Redskins) with no class, we’ll be forced to respond in kind by making every stadium stairwell look like the cover of “Load” by Metallica folks- and thats not a threat, thats a promise.

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