NFL Teams One-For-Two On Firing Homophobic Coaches This Off-Season

02.20.14 4 years ago 32 Comments


The Dolphins on Wednesday fired offensive line coach Jim Turner, along with head trainer Kevin O’Neill, citing their poor judgment in allowing and, in some cases, taking part in the controversial behavior that was laid out in the Ted Wells report that was released last week. This included Turner giving one of his players a male blow-up sex doll as a Christmas gift in 2012 as a part of an ongoing taunt that the player was supposed gay.

Turner also later pressured Martin to publicly retract his claims against Richie Incognito once the media got going with the story. You know, for the good of the team.

Meanwhile, Mike Priefer, who, according to Chris Kluwe, would prefer to assemble all the gay people in the world on an island (preferably a fabulous one) and then nuke the shit out of it, remains the special teams coach of the Vikings, though there’s still the possibility of him losing his job once the team finishes investigating Kluwe’s claims. No update on the progress of the Nuke Island project, though.

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