NFL tip-toes into 21st Century, allows iPads on the sideline

06.18.14 3 years ago 20 Comments
"Swipe left, Drew!"

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"Swipe left, Drew!"

The NFL has never been quick on the technology uptake. Even FIFA, the most corrupt sports organization this side of the NCAA, has instituted goal-line technology (well, such as it is). But the NFL can’t even be bothered to use laser beams to make sure a Sebastian Janikowski field goal kick that goes over the upright is inside enough to be a field goal. Or helmets that could help the league assess how it’s turning its players’ brains to mush.

But, in small steps, Commissioner Flip Phone is bringing the NFL into the 21st Century, this time via tablets. After some confusing, swirling internet reports (ugh! the worst!), the league has cleared up rumors of allowing tablets on the sideline. The Competition Committee has approved a system that allows teams to choose between using the old-fashioned physical black-and-white photos for pre- and post-snap pics or using tablets to view the pics in glorious, high-def technicolor via a “secure” system. (Hands off, hack0rz.)

That’s right: of all the technical advantages tablets have to offer teams, the league is letting teams use them for the most boring and basic purposes. And, at halftime, when the tablets are allowed into the locker room, they’ll be disconnected from wifi. Because fairness or because I guess The Rog is worried about players looking at Red Zone or RedTube and not their playbooks during the break. But think of all the money saved in staples!

In the end, however, the decision can’t be that controversial because Eli Manning has been playing a GameBoy on the sideline for years.

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