NFL To Flag Players For Cussing On The Field, Finally

09.15.13 4 years ago 9 Comments

You asked and the NFL listened folks. There’s way too much profanity in todays NFL and thats not even including the pregame shows. Roger Goodells VP of Officiating Dean Blandino (his real name) told ESPN that there trying to cut down on swearing and taunting between players after years of fan outcry.

NFL Sundays were starting to sound more like a skit on a C-Murder album then the game that Roger Staubach, John Unitas and George Preston Marshall made so great. Goodell said clearly that hes going to be focused on improveing the gameday experience, and some columnists have been quick to point fingers at the fans who only swear and drink and drive and call the players cuss words and slurs because were emulating our heros on the field. Its called trickle-down ever heard of it?

The League will need to be consistant instead of picking and choosing who to penalize as Riley Cooper will be quick to point out. The last thing the League needs is a Kevin Garnett type player to mouth off and cost them a liquor or car sponsorship or worse having a player like Alex Smith just haul off and quit out of frustration with all the hot talk going on out there.

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