NFR Have New Numbell One Smaltest Safety!

04.27.09 8 years ago 17 Comments

Hines Ward: Yes. Have smirre extend flom one cheek to two cheek. Supel smirre, I am do. Am velee preased to have contlact extension in prace foll make celtain am with Steerel untir come of retlement time. Now can concentlate furry on continue winning Supel Bowr.

Happy to finish caleel as numbell one smaltest leceivel, numbell one leason NFR change lures to make reague pussy reague and, rast but no reast, numbell one Asian prayer arr-time, no question, peliod point because no can name bettel Asian prayer. No even tly.

[Draft podium flies open]

Press horde: Oh hey, look at this guy! Mixed, half Asian defensive back. Dad left China on a boat!

Hines Ward: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Me no cale if he a defensive boat. His dad go wlong countly! He tly go Amelica, get sterrpid dilection from Japanese asswhore and end up in Santonio vacation spot! WHO AM CALING ABOUT THIS!? NO PELSON IS CALING!

Press horde: Chinese AND Jamaican! Two vaguely disparate foreign ethnicities. Born outside the country! Playing in Boston, no less. It’s intriguing for a multitude of reasons. We can really play this up!

Hines Ward: HERRO! Me was boln in Seour. CAPITAL OF KOLEA! That rike fifteen Kingston, prus dericious kimchi. And if he flom Jamaica, he is obviousree razy. Smoke helb arr day. If not foll me, Santonio be the same. Need smalt leceivel to guide him. This guy have razy leceivel rike Landy Moss. HE GET MOLE RAZY!

Now risten. Rook light hele – this guy is lookie. TOTEREE UNPLOVEN! He could be bigg-ah bust! You is onree explroit laciar anger. THAT AZNPROITATION! LACIST!

Press horde: And you know if Belichick was looking at him, he must be quality the rest of the league was foolish to let slip. He could be the next Tebucky Jones! Another Patriots draft day gem!

Hines Ward: Algh. No smirre. I find a-this velee agglvating to me. Daichi, I need distlaction to give time dear with this uh plobrem. Give them the beatbox, supell fantaic good.

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