No Time To Challenge the Marshaling Order

10.09.08 9 years ago 59 Comments

Brandon Marshall: Look at this shit. All these fans wolfing down their greasy-ass food and I gotta stationary bike like a sucker. Makes a guy wanna put his fist through a giant flatscreen. That’s it, I gotta make a food run after this game.

Jay Cutler: Shit! Looks like Jacksonville is about to take the lead. We gotta come out strong on this drive. There are only about six minutes left. We might not get another shot. Brandon? I’ve noticed your production slipping, B-Marsh. 18 catches in your first game. 10 in the last two. What’s going on? Talk to me. Brandon. Brandon!

Marshall: Hole up. Putting a McD’s takeout order together. What’m I putting you down for? You look like one a’ them fish fillet motherfuckers.

Cutler: Get your head in the game! THIS ISN’T JUST ABOUT YOU! GOTTA HANDLE THE BUSINESS! YOU KNOW, THE BUSINESS AT HAND! I’M JUST TRYING TO RAP AT YOU, MY MAIN MAN! WE GOT TO MOVE IT, MOVE IT! Fuck, I can’t do this, I came from Indiana. Yeah, fish fillet’ll do just fine. How’d you know?

Marshall: All you quarterbacks love your mayonnaise.

Cutler: What’s wrong with mayonnaise?

Andre Hall: A’yo: Did I hear you right? Are you planning on making a food run after the game?

Marshall: Yessir.

Hall: Could I perhaps prevail upon you to go to Sonic?

Marshall: Can’t be hearing that.

Hall: C’mon dog.

Marshall: Can’t be hearing it.

Hall: One time.

Marshall: Can’t do it.

Hall: Dog, I’m on a running back co-mit-tee. That means everything we running backs do, we got to put to a vote. Let me make one executive decision.

Marshall: I feel for you. I really do. This ain’t the situation for taking the flyer.

Hall: How ’bout I throw you five?

Marshall: Keep going.

Hall: More than five? That’s steep.

Marshall: Price of living.

Hall: All right, all right. 10. 10 sound good?

Marshall: Good enough. What they got at Sonic?

Hall: Fuck if I know. Commercials are funny as shit.

Marshall: You’re killing me.

Hall: I know you’ve seen ’em.

Marshall: Killing me.

Hall: Folks in the car? Making funny talk. The girl who looks like a bird? The dudes from every Comedy Central show?

Marshall: [Feigns choking motion] Dead.

Hall: Fine. ‘Least gimme my 10 back.

Marshall: ‘Nah dude. This covering drinks. Bad suggestion means your cash is forfeit.

Hall: You got my apple pie in there, though, right? ‘CAUSE I REMEMBER WHAT HAPPENED LAST TIME! NO! NO IT’S NOT TIME FOR YOU TO TAKE THE FIELD. Goddamn it.

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