THE KOMMENTARIAT KOMMENTS OF THE WEEK: November 27 – December 3, 2013

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The KSK Kommentariat, where you find kindred spirits like NATO Pats Fan sharing your beliefs about snacks.

Dunno about you guys, but I still have at least a pound of fat coursing thru my veins from Thursday. Hope I can manage the chips and dip tonite.

And Big Black Richard 2, who like many of us, is rooting for the BCS to go out with a bang,

Either we get an SEC-less championship game, or we get (probably) an undefeated major program that will be arbitrarily kept out of the championship game.

I don’t see a downside.

Chips, dips and chaos. Excellent combination. I am your host Sarah Sprague and these are your Komments of the Week for November 27, 2013.

But before we get to this week’s comments, good showing all in two particular threads, Kansas City Police Investigating Homicide In Arrowhead Parking Lot and Penis Tackles Should Be Illegal, Says Penis Tackle Victim. The former because as a group you not only dispatched a troll with ease, but you made it funny in the process; the latter because every comment was funny in its own right. Well done.

Tom Brady Poses For Photos With Reliant Stadium Security Guards; They Get Fired

Hingle McCringleberry

“Hey Guys, want one with me?” – Matt Schaub
“We’re out of film” – Security Guards
“But it’s a digit-”
“Don’t make it worse Matt.”

Saints-Seahawks MNF Live Blog, First Half

Mike McCarthyism

Man I wish they had the Play 60 commercials when Albert Haynesworth was still around. Just picture kids poking a passed out Haynesworth with sticks.

Mike McCarthyism

You know the only reason it’s so loud in there is because people are loudly complaining that this isn’t a soccer game.

Browns Joe Haden says, “I go out there and put my F***ing heart out there every time.”

Scoop K

He’s wearing Browns-labeled earphones. They must only play Mozart’s Requiem.

Tom Landry and Emmitt Smith Memorialized In Car Art

Hobo Spices

“Aikman’s probably painted on a pink Prius.” – Dexter Manley

Giants-Washington SNF Live Blog, Second Half




Redskins having their land taken away by the white man, what a surprise.

Giants-Washington SNF Live Blog, First Half

John Difool

Dan Snyder forgot to bring in some real Indians for a halftime tribute so he’s just going to wheel in two Indian motorcycles sporting some feathers & tomahawks on them & hope no one notices.

Knowshon Moreno Cries Harder Than Anyone Ever

Kam Fong as Chin Ho

Peter North wishes he could cry that explosively.

Week 13 Late Games Open Thread

make it snow

Chiefs have to be more careful about putting Hemingway in the shotgun.


Prediction: the person who makes human cloning cheap and efficient in 2030 will be a scientist who grew up watching the Chiefs and wishing that Jamaal Charles could be every player at once.

Week 13 Early Games Open Thread

Brick Meathook

Broncos vs Chiefs? It’s like 1966! I hope it’s in color!

Steelers-Ravens Thanksgiving Night Open Thread


Well, the Steelers didn’t get the TD, but they got the No-Bell Prize.

Brother, Can You Spare A Browns Ticket?

Kam Fong as Chin Ho

Cheaper than the two gallons of gas you could have used to drive your car in the opposite direction of Cleveland.

Packers-Lions Thanksgiving Early Game Open Thread

Otto Man

My six year old just said, “Daddy, this is the funny part — watch!”

And I looked up to see the Flynn safety.

Thanksgiving Meast and Least 2013


Gravy is a MEAST, but the Meast tears an ACL when…and I didn’t know this was a thing many people did until yesterday… they put chunks of hardboiled egg in it.

(reply) Jason Pierre-Paul and Mary

I bet this is a South thing. They just love fucking up good things.

An Interview With Fireman Ed, One Year Later


Why didn’t you ask him why he didn’t try to help the constipated elephant a firehose enema? Fireman Ed, you are no hero!

Way to Go, Adam Schein

Osama BenJarvus

This is just like that time I picked Kazakhstan and the Maldives to stun everyone in WWII.

Biggie Smalls

Schein is one of the co-hosts of the Jets post game show, so it’s not fair to expect him to know much about professional football.

Tom Brady Might Have Been Using Audible Calls About Bill Belichick’s Girlfriend

City of Industry Football Corporation

“Cougar, Cougar, Linda” is Belichick’s X rated version of Duck, Duck, Goose.

Inanimate Carbon Rod Marinelli

Personally, I think we should be happy that Belichek found something that makes his dick hard that isn’t drafting Warren Sapp.

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