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Yo yo. Pacman be chasin’ dat blinky puzzy wen Mista Yeehawman cum 2 him an say shit b off. SHIT B OFF.

Pacman ain down wid it.

Pacman say 4wha? Why u gon cutt Pac loos? He say cuzz Bob Ley say Pacman orda tha giznatch on dem suckazz muthaphuckkas down da puzzy club. Bob Ley a bitch.

BUT DEY DUNNO DA TROOF! Pacman say ain hizz heata! Dat nina cum frum hiz shawty. Shawty need ta stay strapped 2! Pacman Jr. b mindin’ Daddy’s Exalade! BULEEZ DAT! Pacman ain gon hirt nobody. Pacman jus wan SHINE! Pacman jus wan tak dat azz an mak it leek. Pacman down wid it. Pacman gon mak dat puzzy bleed.

Pacman ain use no jock. He stay in da club. PACMAN SAY DERE B LUV N DIS CLUB! He ain EVAH gon leave. He luv da drippn puzzy 2 much! Culd punch dat bloomn onion booty ALL FUKKIN DAY! He gon bust dat puzzy wid open. Pacman ain gilty of SHYT! ‘Cept 4 luvvin’ dat azz.


Pacman gon sue. Oh, U don’t thank Pacman sue? Pacman gotz a loiyer, BITCH. Mista Goldbergowitz or sum shyt. AND HE GON BROOS DAT AZZ.


Pacman gon win. Pacman tak dat shyt to Judge Keene on Divorce Court. NOBODY GON PLAY WID JUDGE KEENE!

Den Pacman gon shine. TROOF. Pacman gon shine. Pacman gon slapp dat puzzy till da milk cum out. Then Pacman gon drank. O HE GON DRANK. Pacman say ain no drank drank till he put a hurtin’ on dat mouf wid dat dikk. Den Pacman turn inta Dikkman, nuh wha I meen? Pacman gon drank, den he gon bust dem cherreezz. Gon mak dat board lite up. Gon snak dat toilet. Gon cum n run. Gon fukk dem hair xtensions rite off!


U don’t lik it? Pacman gon roll by yo hous an go Trainin Day on yo azz. HAPPY BIRFDAY BITCH.

Pacman down wid it.

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