Oh No, We’re Not Done Basking in Colts Misery Just Yet

02.09.10 8 years ago 100 Comments


I don’t particularly care whether or not the losing team in the Super Bowl races out to midfield to shake the hands and grab the dicks of the winners. Lack of sportsmanship nonsense provides nothing but fodder for the sanctimonious sports media news hole. We jumped on Belichick’s snub two years ago because it was yet another knifetwist after the Patriots Super Bowl loss. What irks me is the double standard shown by the same moralizing commentators who heaped scorn on Belichick for racing off the field, while for Peyton Manning they supply only fawning remarks about his competitive spirit and willingness to defer the spotlight to the Saints. BS – they’re both spiteful asswipes who hate to lose and don’t want the opportunity for more photo ops of them displaying dejection on the playing field. I don’t care if Belichick did it with a second on the clock or that Peyton did some make-up sexting with Drew Brees later to atone for it. The principle remains the same.


  • A whopping 11 Colts fans were on hand at the airport to welcome their team back from Miami. “But it was cold,” Indy fans complained. “And we only have these extra 200 pounds to insulate us. Just let us know when it gets above 70 degrees or you guys are 14-0 again. Until then, you’re losing out to curbside pick-up at Applebee’s every time.”
  • Thank you Adidas, for forcing your plant in Indianapolis to be responsible for manufacturing Saints championship apparel (Hope you like baconnaise on your shirts, New Orleans). I rather enjoyed this quote:

    That means overtime for Deobalek Thomas, who was forlornly pulling long-sleeved gray Saints T-shirts off the screen printing press Monday, while wearing his 2007 Colts Super Bowl champions shirt.

    “I would have rather worked three days and had the Colts win,” he said. “These aren’t the shirts I wanted to do.”

    “Yeah, he cried all morning,” said co-worker Mario Zavala.

    Ouf. I guess we know who swiped Mario’s second lunch out of the break room fridge.

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