Old Timey Buttfumble Rag — KSK Kontent Klearinghouse

07.01.13 4 years ago 27 Comments

The buttfumble is undoubtedly hilarious, but some people act like referencing it alone works for humor, even in lieu of a joke. Like, some ESPN personality will just toss it out and be like “I said a humor thing! Buttfumble! Lolz?” Anyway, nice to see the buttfumble still being made fun of in creative ways, as someone gave it a sepia filter and Scott Joplin soundtrack to turn it into a nickelodeon moving piktcha! I would also like to see one where they claim the Jets win the Super Bowl then have a [SCENE MISSING] card.

— A few outlets reported that Ryan Mathews was arrested after a bar fight on Sunday night, but it turns out he wasn’t arrested at all. Just a horrible media conspiracy to keep Mathews from committing his rightful 10 fumbles by Week 7.

— While the Patriots are letting fans exchange their Aaron Hernandez jerseys for another player, the market for Hernandez jerseys on eBay appears quite robust and lucrative. Think I’m gonna latch onto this and start selling Bubblicious packs supposedly found around the crime scene.

— Stupid punting tricks, y’all!

— Clinton Portis claims that he had more than 10 concussions suffered during his playing days, or one for each press conference costume.

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