One-Dump Preview: MNF Week 4

10.02.06 11 years ago 6 Comments

I don’t know if you would call this QB matchup fascinating, but it’s pretty good, as the Relatively Middle-Aged Gunslinger squares off against the Relatively Assimilated Scrambler. The career of Donovan McNabb, who had to alter his game to become more of a drop-back passer, seems almost antithetical to that of Favre, an (overly) agressive thrower whose skills have diminished, in the twilight of a Hall-of-Fame career, but whose cerebral instincts have failed to adjust accordingly.

Despite some funky shit going on with his knee, Brian Westbrook expects to play. He did practice Saturday (for the first time all week) and should have a good game against a pisspoor Packer defense.

Honestly, Green Bay really has no business winning this game. I’m hoping for at least three quarters of interesting football tonight, but I suspect McNabb and friends are going to go all Kunta Kinte on their guests and put this one out of reach early. But if Tony K drops a “Kunta Kinte,” it will all be worthwhile.

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