One-Dump Preview: SNF Week 4

10.01.06 11 years ago 15 Comments

Seattle 3-0 (Road: 1-0) at Chicago 3-0 (Home: 1-0)

Is anybody else noticing how the quality of matchups for NBC’s games is significantly better than what we were seeing on ABC’s prime-time games? Of the 6 teams featured in Sunday Night Football this season (IND, NYG, WAS, DAL, DEN, NE), you could have made a postseason argument for any of them (except for the ‘Skins; suck it UM!). And we, the fans, are treated to another great matchup tonight.

The Seahawks march into Soldier Field to take on a suprisingly potent Bears offense. Rex Grossman, in addition to not getting injured, has looked pretty competent under center, seemingly justifying the faith of the Bears’ front office in him. Of course, the Bears’ defense has been consistently tits (4th in the NFL), and will not mope into the game like the Giants did last week in Seattle.

Shaun Alexander proves that, yes Virginia, there is a Madden jinx, and he and his broken-but-almost-healed-by-the-Lord foot will be sitting out tonight, much to the chagrin of my keeper team, the Detroit Pissed-Ons. Maurice Morris will take over his duties, as the Bears and the officials will try to hand the defending NFC Champs their first defeat.

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