Packers-Giants Live Blog, First Half

11.25.12 5 years ago 980 Comments

Prior to the start of the season, Clay Matthews contended that the Giants didn’t beat the Packers so much as the Packers beat themselves in the playoffs last season in their one-and-done loss after finishing the regular season 15-1. Sadly, Matthews is either too injured or or too busy filming Fathead commercials to take part in the proceedings this evening in MetLife Stadium.

Greg Jennings, too, is out, meaning we won’t be seeing big Dougie smiles nor will we see ferocious sack celebrations. That’s too bad, but should there still be plenty of Elisha Face, you won’t hear any gripes from me.

After starting 6-2 and appearing as though they were one of the league’s powerhouses, New York dropped two straight to AFC North teams going into the bye. Inane theories of Eli having a “tired arm” were bandied about, but it just seems like the usual New York malaise that happens in the middle of the season. Should the Giants lose, next week’s Monday night game between them and the Redskins will be for first place in the NFC East, even though the ‘Skins are a sub .500. The NFC East could turn out a 7-9 champ and still be the most hyped division in the league.

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