Packers-Giants Live Blog, Second Half

11.25.12 5 years ago 472 Comments

Now that the Giants aren’t playing AFC North teams, they appear to be doing all right. New York jumped out to a quick lead, which was quickly answered with a 61-yard touchdown to Jordy Nelson that left Corey Webster looking like Corey Webster. The Packers had a chance to take their first lead of the game with a Mason Crosby field goal, though that attempt was from 55 yards, which was pretty laughable with a kicker who has missed just about everything from long distance. This was no different and soon the Giants were able to widen the gap.

The Giants added another touchdown drive, then Corey Webster redeemed himself with an interception that led to a New York field goal. The Giants added another touchdown and it seemed like a rout was on. Green Bay finally got their shit together, added a field goal and got a stop, making it seem like a comeback was eminent before half. But then Aaron Rodgers was stripped, setting the stage for a Bradshaw touchdown run to put New York up three scores going into the half.

Since the Bears have already won, the Packers are in danger of relinquishing the NFC North lead they waited weeks to regain. It’s gonna take take quite the second half to overcome a three score deficit. Without Clay to pressure Elisha, that doesn’t seem too likely. But the Giants were already deemed to be back by the NBC halftime show after shitting on them throughout the pregame, so I guess we should have seen this coming.

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