Packers-Seahawks Monday Night Football Live Blog – First Half

09.24.12 5 years ago 949 Comments

Well, this was obviously a game scheduled for primetime with the presumption that Matt Flynn would be the Seahawks starting quarterback. Alas, crazy ol’ Pete Carroll made the daring decision to LET THE BEST PLAYER WIN during training camp and preseason. As a result, a great Russellmania began to run wild in the furthest reaches of the remote, remote northwest. It’s been going well, provided you don’t try to blitz the guy or anything.

It will take a masterstroke of scab ref bumbling to top the horrorshow that was Sunday night, but I have faith. Imagine, if you will: Marshawn Lynch is called for defensive pass interference on a 3rd and 23, even though he’s on the sideline eating Skittles. Outraged, Carroll springs forth to the center of the field, where he begins gnawing an official’s arm in protest. The official flags Carroll, but calls the unsportsmanlike conduct penalty on the Packers coach. The benches clear and a lineman falls on Aaron Rodgers’ leg, shattering it and ending his season. Voila!

Oh, there appears to be a movement afoot to get the Seattle crowd to top Baltimore’s BULL-SH*T chants.

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