Packers/Seahawks Monday Night Football Live

09.24.12 5 years ago 1,490 Comments

Every draftnik scoffed at the Seahawks when they took Bruce Irvin with the 15th overall pick. Just further proof that draft people know nothing because Irvin is a monster. Chris Clemons is having the game of his life, with an astounding four sacks so far. In fact, Seattle’s defense is downright stout. If only they weren’t using that regrettable “Legion of Boom” nickname. Nevertheless, eight sacks of Rodgers in the first half. In all of 27 offensive snaps.

This seems to be the NFC West M.O. this year: stifling defense coupled with mostly anemic offense. But if the defense is actually that imposing, which almost seems illegal in today’s game, the formula might just make for a good bit of success. Belief in that is the only reason to explain why the Seahawks weren’t willing to risk a turnover with its final drive of the half.

Of course, all the talk is still of Russell Wilson and his size, or lack thereof. Wilson did connect on one deep pass to Golden Tate for the only score of the half. Other than that, there hasn’t been much to speak of other than a bunch of penalties. If there’s one upside, it’s that Beef Moe won’t lack for carries in this offense. He’s got 16 runs with 71 yards at the half.

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