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Former Patriots Lineman Dan Connolly Retires Because Of Health Concerns

By | 35 Comments

The 32-year-old lineman retired, citing "health concerns" as his biggest reason.

demaryius thomas

Broncos Sign Demaryius Thomas To New 5-Year Deal Just Before Deadline

By | 21 Comments

The Cowboys and Broncos each locked down their respective star receiver with similar deals just before the deadline. Hmm.

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KLEARINGHOUSE: Gronk’s Erotic Novel – The Movie

By | 37 Comments

Gronk spikes things on butts or contract disputes. WHO YA GOT?

#Tom Brady

Tom Brady Reportedly Plans To Sue The NFL If His Suspension Isn’t Lifted

By | 64 Comments

Tom Brady isn't willing to settle for a reduction of his Deflategate suspension.

#Dallas Cowboys

Michael Irvin Says The Cowboys Can’t Be A Winning Team Without Dez Bryant

By | 13 Comments

"If you think you see better than 8-8 without Dez Bryant, I'm telling you, you will not see better than 8-8 without 88."

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KILL KILL KILL: Megapride, You Suck

By | 17 Comments

This megapride has some serious chemistry issues.

#Seattle Seahawks

What The Seahawks Are Doing To Prepare For The Big Earthquake

By | 55 Comments

A catastrophic earthquake is coming to the Northwest. What are the Seahawks going to do about it?

#Dez Bryant

Dez Bryant Is Sitting Out From Training Camp Until The Cowboys Pay Him. Why Doesn’t Everybody Do This?

By | 45 Comments

Dez Bryant has refused to attend training camp and preseason games until the Cowboys pay him what one of the best receivers in the league should be paid.

fun with peter king

How Peter King Spent His Summer Vacation

By | 109 Comments

This week, Peter contradicts himself on Hall of Fame voting and describes a very boring month away from work.


Guys, We’re Starting To Think ‘Ballers’ Isn’t A Very Good Show

By | 83 Comments

I bet I can predict what happens in each episode for the rest of the season. I really do.

KSK Week In Review

KSK Week In Review: The Great Fingerblast Of 2015

By | 95 Comments

Fireworks accidents, seflie fights, God abstinence lectures and the passing of Ken Stabler.


The NFL Drastically Reduces Greg Hardy’s Domestic Violence Suspension

By | 33 Comments

The new Cowboys lineman will be back on the field much sooner than anticipated.

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