Patriots-Falcons Live Blog, Second Half

09.29.13 4 years ago 631 Comments


Atlanta opened the game with a steady drive that ended with Vince Wilfork being carted off. That presaged bad things for the Patriots defense but they held in that instance, only conceding the Falcons a short field goal.

If anything, the Patriots defense has looked better since, though that likely has more to do with adjustments and the team settled. Nevertheless, that was the end of the Falcons scoring until the last minute of the half.

New England started off second quarter with what was initially ruled a touchdown run by Brandon Bolden, but that first down TD was overruled on review. After having a run stuffed on second down, Brady threaded the needle between two Falcons defenders to Matthew Mulligan in the end zone.

Atlanta responded with a long, plodding drive that ended with Matt Ryan missing badly on a 4th and 2 pass to Roddy White from the 8. Backed up and under pressure, Brady heaved a pass that hung up near midfield. William Moore was in position to intercept it but Kenbrell Thompkins snagged it over the top of him. Something to keep in mind the next time Dreamboat chews out his wideouts in front of a camera.

That drive ended with a field goal. Another lengthy Falcons drive ensued, but this one actually culminated in points with a touchdown pass to noted former basketball player Tony Gonzalez, knotting it at 10 at half.

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