Get Ripped Off Buying a Patriots Jersey? The Patriots Will Let You Buy Another One For Slightly Less

05.08.14 3 years ago 151 Comments


The Patriots got a lot of positive press last year for swapping out Aaron Hernandez jerseys from fans after the team released the former tight end on account of those pesky murder charges. Evidently, the team figured the easiest path to building goodwill was stunts with merchandise, as now the Patriots are offering a 25 percent discount on a jersey purchase to any fan who buys the jersey of a Patriots player who then is not on the team one year later. Though the fan only has two months after the release of the player to take advantage of the discount.

Is that offer actually generous or is it just a way of ensuring embittered fans will be willing to shell out more money after getting hosed the first time? At least you can say no other team is doing it. That said, while NFL careers are by and large very short, the types of players who represent the vast majority of jersey sales tend to stick around teams for a while. And, though I can’t say I know exactly what the profit margin is on an NFL jersey sale, I imagine the team and the league are still turning a tidy profit on a jersey sold at $75 instead of $100.

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