Pepsi Employs The Comedic Talent Of Andy Dalton

08.20.13 4 years ago 18 Comments

Andy Dalton is in a Pepsi commercial, you guys. Before this season of “Hard Knocks” started, I’m not even sure that I had ever heard Andy Dalton speak, and he’s been in the league two years already. So this will be an instructive experience in persona building.

So the concept here is that he’s going door-to-door hawking Andy Dalton Fragrance to strangers. Whaaaa? So wacky it just might work!

I will say, Dalton excels in the Peyton Manning School of Comedic Acting, which entails reading the funny lines that someone wrote for you and appearing somewhat at ease about it. Nice work, Andy Dalton. At one point, I did one of those things where you breathe sharply out of your nose and grin. It’s not quite a laugh but it’s almost there!

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