Peyton Manning’s Jersey Is Gang Attire, Apparently

09.06.12 5 years ago 35 Comments

Out in Colorado, most of the local populace has managed to shake its disturbing infatuation with Tim Tebow and ready to worship at the altar of the new NeckAIDs savior. People are all-in on Elway’s Plan A. Naturally, that means buying Pey-Pey’s new jersey and wearing it every day until he is lost for the season by Week 5. However, kids in one of the state’s school districts can’t even do that, on account of some no-good street toughs who use the number 18 to affiliate with the Battleship Gang.

“They told me I couldn’t wear 18 anymore because it’s a gang number and I had to take it off,” said Konnor Vanatta, a third grader in the Weld County School System.

A spokesperson for Weld County District 6 explained the policy has been around for over three years and applies to the numbers 13, 14, 18, 31, 41 and 81.

“We’re Broncos fans ourselves, it has nothing to do with that we’re just wanting to set a consistent solid, example,” said district spokesperson Roger Fiedler.

So it’s not just Peyton Manning fans who have to suffer. Deprived, too, are the legions of Brandon Stokley, Omar Bolden and Joel Dreessen fanboys. Would have included gritty receiver Tyler Grisham on that list, but he just got waived by the team. Possibly because of gang affiliations.

[h/t 100 Yards and Running]

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