PFT Commenter’s exclusive interview with former Braves pitcher John Rocker

02.26.14 4 years ago 55 Comments


Earlier today I had the privilage to sit down with former Atlanta Braves closer John Rocker. Ive taken the liberty to save our results all in one place right here.

Hi John how are you?

Things kind’ve cooled down for awhile after that. John neeed some time to lick his wounds which actualy takes a while when you consider all the pus thats on his back from years of steroid use. So I celebrated like a gentlemen and offered a olive branch.

sorry to jump in there John just a little pet peef I’ve got there. You were saying…

But then John got upset that me and another fella called out a bad grammer thing he had did.

John Rocker #49

Well folks I hope you learned alot today I know I sure did. Its pretty obviously me whose the winner of this debate John said as much in the end so its no suprise he logged off after I asked him the unanswerable question re: Flaccos Elite-ness. Thanks for stopping by and godbless you all.

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