PFT Commenter’s lightning round takes featuring the ban of the goalpost dunk

03.25.14 4 years ago 35 Comments



Well fokls alot more than usual happened in the NFL over the weekend (Mondays technically a weekend because you play NFL on it). I wanted to do my own buy or sell here to run down the hottest takes you might of missed when you were watching Roy Willaims take down title holder Rick Pitino in “the battle of who can embarrass themselfs more in 1.6 seconds.”

The NFLs banning slam dunk TD celebrations- BUY  Yes there are alternate ways of keeping players away from the goalposts like making them double as a metal detector or family courtroom but that would be to expensive.

This, like most terrible things in the NFL can be traced back to Jimmy Gram. Jimmy practically tore down the entire stadium after slamming a dunk in Atlanta this year, so now hes ruined it for everyone. Between Jimmy Graham and SXSW, its truly been a bad year for hybrids.

God bless Roger Goodell for rejecting all the goal posts dunks before someone gets hurt,, spiking should be disallowed too since its literally driblling- lets get are sports straight first and then we can start to talk about head injurys and pensions.


Mike Vick signed by the Jets- SELL Geno and Mike sounds more like to guys youd want running a sandwich shop then a no huddle offense. Mikes looking forward to moving to New York where Hell’s Kitchen is finally more then just a can opener and a pallet of Alpo folks. I heard Riley Cooper say that if you have 2 starting Black QBs you only have 6/5ths of one, but I thought that was a bit racist to be honest with you.

Mike Vicks going to be a great mentor for Smith I think. Look for him to sit Geno down and go over “everything he knows” about playing QB. Of course this might not be as valuable as you think considering its coming from a guy who thinks the “Read Option” means Wheres Waldo or Penthouse?

Lets be honest here. Geno Smiths arm is just a nother speed bump on Mikes NFL career, I only say that because its got track marks all over it folks. Vick will beat Geno out in camp, and you can bet your bottom dollar that youll be hearing “Animal Control Officer Ed” back in the stadium chanting out J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS by week 5 folks.


Mark Sanchez to the Eagles?- BUY Being a backup QB in Philadelphia is alot like being Vice President- as long as you dont kill dogs any more or shoot your friend in the face theres not going to be any trouble (note this is also similar job description to TE2 on the New England Patriots). HOWEVA (Stephen A Smith voice) no one likes a backup backup, and Matt Barkley is already layed claim to the “Round Mound of First Down” moniker and the number 2 spot. Sanchezes careers in trouble: the only former Jet that has disapeared faster from the public eye then Sanchez is Malaysian Air flight 370 folks.


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