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10.23.12 5 years ago 21 Comments

You know Terrell Suggs is fully back from his off-season Achilles injury when he’s back to doing his usual things, like getting sacks and acting the fool during team photo day. It’s not the first time that Suggs has gotten all goofy for the photo. He did a prancy Peter Pan pose for the 2009 session.

In this year’s full team shoot, Suggs also switched jerseys with Haloti Ngata because zany antics, you guys. Good to see Suggs back to his old ways. Only a matter of time until he grabs another NBC camera on the sidelines and tries to bite it.

— Gronk told Dan Patrick that he’s done crushing beers for the time being. This has people being, like, “What? I thought Gronk was super party bro!?” Because it’s totally irregular for a player to cut back drinking during the season.

— A plan for the Bills to get a 72,000-seat, retractable roof stadium is being submitted for consideration. oh, Buffalo fans, you know full well that you don’t get to have nice things.

— How to keep Cowboys fans from attending games where their team isn’t playing: repeatedly simulate masturbating on them.

— It seems like this comes up every few months, but Roger Goodell is talking about getting rid of the Pro Bowl again.

— Meanwhile, Hawaiians are none too pleased about the haoles talking about taking away their special game.

— T.O. lost a one-on-one basketball game to Mani Love. Guess that NBA D-League contract is out of the question now.

— This week, Saints receiver Joe Morgan made the catch of the year and told the media that he doesn’t watch ESPN because he hates Skip Bayless. Looks like we really dropped the ball with Meast this week.

— According to a Chicago TV affiliate, Jay Cutler was the highlight of Monday night’s presidential debate. “What are your thoughts on Libya?” “DDDDDOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNN’TTTTTTTT CCCCCCCCAAAAAAARRRRRRRRREEEEE”

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